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Executive Development Program on Supply Chain Management

In today’s fast-paced and customer-oriented business environment, superior supply chain performance is a prerequisite to becoming and staying competitive. This program is aimed for top corporate executives and professionals who are committed to excellence in developing and managing successful and world-class supply chain strategies and operations in this increasing global and competitive environment.

Developed by the Professional Development Center of the Philippine Institute for Supply Management in collaboration with the Ateneo Graduate School of Business-Center for Continuing Education. The program consists of five (5) modules that aims to enhance executive skills and equip participants with the latest strategies and methodologies in supply chain management to reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction and better utilize assets.

A successful participant will:

• Understand the value of managing the supply chain of a business enterprise by learning new strategic approaches and techniques in meeting all supply chain challenges of managing risk through achieving global optimization.
• Define and understand the importance of customer relationship, strategies in demand, inventory and supply management.
• Recognize purchasing’s role in global supply management and be aware of the implications and imperative of the global environment.
• Learn new concepts and practices in strategic sourcing and e-business.
• Understand the strategic importance of the distribution and transport management function and how it affects the organization’s operating profit. Identify strategies and key performance measures that contribute to an effective distribution system.
• Develop skills for seizing opportunities and applying appropriate solutions to problems.


Module 1 – Integrated Supply Chain Management
July 4, 11, & 25, 2015
Ms. Lourdes S. Guzman, CPSM, DSM

Course Description:
This module explain and demonstrates how decision makers can use today’s new trends and technologies to enhance key systems at every point in the supply chain, from the time an idea or product is conceived through its delivery to the final user. It describes and provides the major steps in developing an effective, workable supply chain organization and system – one that will reduce operating expenses, minimize capital investment, and improve overall customer service and satisfaction.

Course Content:
• Introduction and Overview
• Emergence of Supply-Chain Management and Supply Chain Strategies
• Supply Chain Profitability, Quality and World-Class Organizations
• Supply Chain Optimization, Cost, Value, and Measurement

Module 2 – Demand and Supply Management
August 1, 8, & 15, 2015

Course Description:
This module helps participants identify sources of demand, understanding demand behavior, balancing supply, understanding supply disruptions, role of inventory and developing customer service strategy. It also presents metrics, processes, and systems for forecasting, demand planning, and inventory management, yielding lower inventory levels and improved customer service.

Course Content:
• Market Driven and Customer-Focused Supply Chain Strategies
• Order Fulfillment Strategies
• Customer Relationship Management
• Efficient Consumer Response (ECR)]
• Inventory Management Strategies

Core Management Skills
Schedule: TBA
Dr. Ricky Abad, Mr. Mandy Bongco, Mr. Larry Esguerra IV, and Mr. Jet Magsaysay

Course Description:
This module aims to expand and enhance skills of decision-makers in seizing opportunities and applying solutions to problems, all of which are applicable in these times.
• The Art of Directing People – September 19 & 26, 2015
• Strategic Human Resources – October 3 & 10, 2015
• Mastering the Dynamics of Finance: Liquidity, Profitability and Value – September 5 & 12, 2015
• The Discipline of Execution – October 17 & 24, 2015

Module 3 – Strategic Purchasing
Module 3 – November 7, 14 & 21, 2015
Ms. Imelda S. Carrillo, C.P.M., DSM

Course Description:
In this module, purchasing takes on a new meaning in this advanced stage of supply chain management. With most of the benefits already secured on the buy side of the equation, attention now turns, with the help of network partners, to the issue of strategic purchasing or value sourcing.

Course Content:
• Strategic Sourcing
• Global Procurement Strategies
• Supplier Relationship Management
• e-Business and Supply Chain Management

Module 4 – Distribution and Transport Strategies
Module 4 – December 5, 12, & 19
Mr. Antonio Kent M. Valderrama, C.P.M., DSM

Course Description:
This module focuses on strategies and systems for connecting sourcing locations with customers at the lowest cost by, among other things, leveraging private and third-party transportation and logistics systems. It provides the various disciplines that link enterprises across the supply chain, as well as logistics activities within those enterprises.

Course Content:
• Distribution Management Systems and Strategies
• Strategic Network Design and Information Technology Systems
• Facilities and Distribution Center Strategies
• Transportation, Strategies and Issues

Program Fee:
• PhP80, 000 (PISM Member Rate)
• PhP90,000 (Regular Rate)

How to Register:
Online: www.cce.ateneo.edu
E-mail: cce-abib@aps.ateneo.edu ; gladys@pism.org

Call Ateneo CCE: Francis De Leon – 830-2042 Marleth Calanog – 840-1742
Call PISM: Carissa Perez – 634-5955

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