Membership Requirements


  1. For corporate applicants, applicants must accomplish the membership application forms together with company organizational chart, SEC registration, and brief company profile and job descriptions of official and alternate representatives.
  2. For individuals whose main responsibility is supply management, applicants must submit a certificate of employment and job description.
  3. For individuals from the academe, the applicant must present a certificate of employment stating his academic responsibilities which must include supply management and/or other related fields.
  4. For consultants, the applicant must submit a photocopy of the business license of his consulting firm/services.
  •  The applicant must be able to commit his participation and involvement in PISM activities, committee works and general membership meetings.



  1. Secretariat-in-charge will screen incoming application forms for membership making sure that all of the required documents are present.
  2. Secretariat in-charge will pre-screen if designated representatives; official and alternate are qualified under the classification of membership set forth by the by-laws.
  3. Secretariat in-charge will set the interview date for a particular applicant by the membership committee.
  4. The interviewing officer will prepare her/his recommendation in writing, attaching his/her evaluation to the members of the board.
    At least eight (8) votes are required for an application to be approved.
  5. If the application is approved, a formal welcome letter will be sent to the company officers cc: representatives informing them of the approval.
  6. Likewise, if the application if disapproved, a formal letter will also be sent stating the reason for disapproval.